ALGAIDA Model Tent
Canadian Series
4 Seats
Glass, Pine, Canvas

Algaida Tent':
Nature in harmony and balance

Indoors or outdoors? This tent contains everything you need to enjoy your company. Whether with family or friends, its four seats offer you a comfortable space to enjoy with the ones you care about the most. Its front window will make you doubt whether you are inside or outside the tent. With Algaida you will feel completely integrated in the forest. Relax and watch, there is nothing more important to do.

Algaida Bed

Inside or outside? Feel the forest, its sounds, its lights, its fragrances.

Outside Algaida Tent


32 m2
15 m2
9 m2
Algaida PlansUpper plane AlgaidaSide plan Algaida

Technical characteristics


Constructed from hand-peeled chestnut logs, bolts for assembly and treated with lasur protection.

Outer casing

Outer cover in flame retardant PVC "DICKSON COATINGS" ECOLOGICAL of 670gr welded with high frequency including tensioning systems by means of tie straps.

Inner cover

Inner tarpaulin "Tencate" outdoor frabric ka_46 is fire retardant and considered to be of the highest quality in the tent construction industry.

Panoramic enclosure

Front enclosure made of 80 mm x 80 mm Flanders pine wood structure and glazed with 3 + 3 security glass including access door with security lock.

Rear enclosure

Back wall in chestnut frieze, frame with frame and ecological thermal insulation.

Base structure platform

4.5 m wide x 5 m long chestnut wood platform structure.

Tilt-and-turn fittings

Tilt-and-turn base for main pillars in black lacquered steel.


Consisting of an electrical protection panel, power sockets for electronic elements and lighting for the headboard.

Inside Algaida Tent downstairs
Rear view algaida

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